Vassilios Vergos, the founder of Poseidon Salvage and Towage, visited Laas Qoray on June, 2012, pretending to be a Greek investor and the owner of a port building company that is going to invest in Las Qoray port project. It is obvious now that Vergos lied about the function of his company and the reason his unregistered ship, now using the Somali flag, moved from Aden to Las Qoray. Since it is clear now that the owner of the ship in Las Qoray is an egregious and shameless lier who is capable of taking an advantage of lawless Somalia, the TFG and Puntland administration should immediately take every step necessary to prevent any destructive consequence that may result from the presence of Vergos's unregistered ship in Puntland waters.

poseidon Salvage

"In April 2009 a permanent station was in full operation till recently May 2012. For ever better flexibility in all aspects, and aiming to offer our services to our clients more effectively, it has been decided to close down our Aden Station and establish a new one in Somalia. In fact as from May 2012 we moved our fleet and equipment to Las Khoreh, situated in the North Coast of Somalia between Berbera and Bossaso Port."

POSEIDON DIVING CO failed to renew its registration with IMO affiliated organizations responsible registering and inspecting ships.


After having carried out serious studies based on our experience gained, we decided to establish our new company at the Port of Aden. From April 2009 under the name, 'Yemen Poseidon Salvage Ltd' with a co-operation with Poseidon Salvage International which head office located in Greece.

Now our company becomes the 1st & the only company in Yemen at all, which provide such as these services & businesses. Yemen Poseidon Salvage Ltd, is a company provides the full ships services, search operations under water & having a particular strength in the following fields: SALVAGE & TOWAGE, WRECK REMOVAL, OIL POLLUTION CONTROL AND UNDERWATER SEARCH & RECOVERY.

Our Marine department is a dynamic and efficient in Ships services, Bunkering, Shipping agencies, Ocean Freight etc… Having a very strong worldwide network of our agents, so we can assure you that your vessels/cargos in a safe hand.

Bureau Veritas expired

To see more information about Poseidon Diving Co., click the following link:


Why the Greek owned salvage tugboat crew and seamen IN LAS KOREI(QORAY)  claim to be engineers doing the first phase of building the largest port in Somalia? Is there another plan such as toxic dumping that the crew may carry out later or even now since there is nobody or system of government that can check their daily activities?

AF Somali:

Sun ma aasi karaa markabka Laas Qoray joogaa, mase noqon karaa mid lagu soo dhuuman karo, iyadoo dadka wata la khayaameynayo oo wax kale loo sheegayo,  maadaama nidaam aanu jirin ilaalin kara waxay halkaa ka qabanayaan?  SHAKI WEYN BAA JIRA Markab waxa dega lagu yaqaan inoo soo saaro shaqaalihiisa iyo farsamyaaqanadiisa maxaa looga dhigayaa injineero?


NOTE: Here is the salvage tugboat currently in Las Qoray claiming to be carrying out the survey of building the largest port in Somalia. What is the reason behind taking the Greek owned salvage tugboat, frequently used to be seen anchored in Aden, Yemen, without any flag, to Las Qoray.  Why the two Greek men  are willing to be videotaped but unwilling to say which company they represent? Who is going to believe the first phase of a port building is involved by bringing a salvage tugboat and presenting its technicians and seamen as engineers doing the survey such as measuring the wind blowing direction and performing diving to measure the depth of the sea?

Laas Qoray Salvage Tugboat

A Ship, with tugboats, using the Somali flag, probably as a “flag of convenience”, and claiming to be carrying out the first phase of Las Qoray port is currently anchored in Las Korei(Laas Qoray or Las Qoray), Somalia. Click here to see more photos of the ship now in Las Qoray.  The ship, carrying big containers, is said to be doing the dredging work, which is the main part of the first phase of building the biggest port in Somalia, as those managing the project claimed.

The identity of the company bringing this ship to Las Korei is still unkown. Two European men calling themselves Captain Vassilis and Manos Karimis, see the video here, pretending to be the investors of Las Korei(Laas Qoray) port, visited there.

Puntland Minister Las Qoray Ship others

Puntland Minister of Ports Saed/Said Mohamed Rage, left photo, is here visiting the mysterious ship, originally sailed from Aden, Yemen, claiming to be building the largest port in Somalia at Las Qoray. The crew of the ship, some of them claiming, like the man whose picture is in the middle of the above photo, to be enigeers, are performing diving in Laas Qoray[see the updated video link showing some of the crew involoved in diving exercise that they claim is the first phase of the port building]. So far there is a clear evidence that the ship is not carrying any port building materials. It remains to be investigated why the ship of this size, already independently verified never to be involved in port building activities, be taken from Aden to Laas Qoray. 

The Punland administration, especially the individuals in Puntland government involved in facilitating the mystery-shrouded Laas Qory port project, must know that they will be fully responsible in any harmful consequence that may result from the current activities underway in Laas Qoray.


Captain Vassilis, Manos Karimis(both claiming to be from Greek), and Feysal A Yusuf

Two Greeks ship using somali flag Feysal1

Captain Vassilis, Manos Karimis, Where is the ship registered?Why is it using the Somali flag?, Feysal A. Yusuf[right photo]


Greek Seamen claming to be engineers in Laas Qoray Somalia Puntland

Note: Here is one of the seamen on the Greek salvage tugboat currently in Laas Qoray claiming to be an engineer doing the largest port building survey in Somalia.

The Maakhir Community from Laas Qoray are still wondering why there are no credible answers to the following questions: Who are the real owners of the ship at Laas Qoray? Why should the initial phase of the port be involved in a ship with a suspicious cargo? Before doing any design work, why should the digging of the coast be the first phase of the port building? What is the name of the company? Where it is based? Is there any concrete evidence, independently verifiable, proving the previous port building activities of the company? What is the possibility of a legitimate company based in Greek to invest millions of dollars in unstable region? Is there a possibility that Somalis in the area are being hoodwinked by imposters in toxic dumping business using fake names?

To prevent any toxic material to be buried at Laas Qoray, The International Community, United Nations, UNPOS, AU, Arab League, GreenPeace, TFG, Puntland, etc., should start investigating, before it is too late, the suspicious activities going on in Laas Qoray now. There is great need to track down and verify the real identity of Captain Vassilis and Mano Karimis, claiming to be the Greek owners of the mysterious company investing in Laas Qoray port project. By verifying those two individuals it will then be easy to get more information about the owners and the activities of the ship.

Click here to see more photos from the ship

N.B. Click here to see statements made by Feysal Ahmed Yusuf, CEO/Founder, Maakhir Resources Company (MRC) Ltd & CEO/President of International Somalia Development Foundation (ISDF), and also the man behind Las Qorey Port Project.

Interview given by Feysal to What are you doing Laasqoray? You are accused of illegally mining in the mountains of al-Madow. Is that true?

Feysal: MRC is doing community projects, including the port project. We are also evaluating the resources of our land. This in not hidden. We never hide our work. Our shipments are commercial and they are internationally registered and there is nothing hidden. We use the airports of Bosaso and others of Somalia. Puntland is drilling for oil and Somaliland started drilling. The first project will be the port. The second be to build a road that connects the port to the other part of Somalia. The third will be to evaluate our resources. Who is supporting your projects?

Feysal: These projects are community projects and supported by the Diaspora, businessmen and politicians of Lasqoray community. We are the people of this land working together for our land; we are united for our future of development. Are foreign investors funding you?

Feysal: No, there is not a foreign investor. We have not received any external support or funds. We are expecting a Foreign Director Investor (FDI), but up to this time the people are moving ahead this project.

Comment: Which statement should we believe: "Our shipments are commercial and they are internationally registered and there is nothing hidden" even though we see the ship is currently using the Somali flag or "No, there is not a foreign investor" or "These projects are community projects and supported by the Diaspora, businessmen and politicians of Lasqoray community" or Captain Vassilis' and Chief Engineer Manos Karimis' claim in the video that they are GREEK investors and owners of the company investing in Laas Qoray port.

More of this interview

Unknown Ship Las Qoray


Dadka Reer Maakhir ee Laas Qoray u dhashay shaki weyn baa kaga jira mashruuca la sheegay in dekeda Laas Qoray lagu dhisayo oo ay wado shirkad Greek sheegatay oo is qarinaysa. Qarinta shirkada iyo geynta markabkaa weyn oo containerada sida, oo sheegay iney qodayaan badda, oo ah wejiga koowaad ee dhisida deked ka weyn tan Berbera, waxay sii xoojisay shakigaa. Iyadoo la qariyay shirkada wada ayaa haddana waxa Laas Qoray tegey laba nin oo Greek isku sheegay oo yidhi shirkada malaayiinka doolar ku maal gashanaysa Laas Qoray baanu leenahay. Labada nin magacyada ay isticmaaleen noocoodu shakigii bay sii xoojisay.

Si looga hortaga in fursad ay u helaan ajinebiga badan oo ku soo dhuunta ganacsiga sharciga ah laakiin hoosta ka wata aasida sunta, halkan waxaa caalamka laga dalbanayaa inay Bulshada Reer Laas Qoray gacan ku siiyaan caddaynta shirkadaa is qarinaysa. Reer Maakhir waxay isweydiinayaan: Waa maxay sababta shirkadu isu qarinayso? Shirkadan, haddii ay jirto, xaggee laga leeyahay? Maxay ku dhacday in shirkadu isu qariso halka dad sheeganaya magacyo, ay dhici karto iney been yihiin, ay leeyihiin annagaa le? Shirkadu ma leedahay raadad si xor ah lagu caddayn karo oo taageeraya sheegashada ah in ay taqaan deked dhiska? Marka la caddeeyo waa tuma shirkada bixinaysa lacagta lagu dhisayo, soo iibinaysa qalabka, ka mas'uula in aan wax sun ah, sida Ceel Macaan dhiskeeda ka dhacday, aan meesha qayb ka ahayn? Caqli gal ma tahay shirkad ganacsi sharci ah ku jirta oo Giriiga degani, sida la sheegay, in ay mashruuc dekedeed malaayiin geliso iyadoo ay Boosaaso iyo Berbera oo waaweyni meesha ku yaaliin? Haddii malaayiinka, sida la sheegay, ay jiraan shirkada kale oo kheyraad dhulka kala baxaya oo bixin doona, yaa siin kara ogolaashaha baadhitaanka kheyraadka? Sidee loo rumeysan karaa in shirkad aan weli wax kheyraada la bixini ay malaayiin, ka soo bixi doona dhulka, ay dekeda ku sii dhisayso? Yey sharciyan ahayd in ay ogolaasha sharciya ka qaadato shirkadan shisheeye ee mar laga sheegayo iney malaayiin doolar Maakhir ka soo saari doonto oo ay hadda sii hormarinayso? Hormarintaasi, hadday dhacayso, ma tahay hannaan ganacsi xalaal oo shirkad ganacsi xalaal ah ku jirtaa sameyn karto madaama wax kastii muqtaqbalka dhici karaan? Waa maxay sababta wejiga koowaad ee dekedu u noqday markab xamuul oo containeradaa sida oo yidhi baddaan meel ka sii jeexayaa oo qodayaa? Maxay ku dhacday in weli aanu jirin qalab la caddayn karo oo laga dejiyey markabkaa weyn oo dhulka lagaga hawl galay? Sidee lagu rumeysan karaa deked tan Berbera ka weyn baan wejigeedu hore ku  dhex jirnaa iyadoo aan wax dhisayn/naqshad ah la dejin?

Markay ay si madaxbanaan u caddaato waxa ay shirkadani tahay iyo waxay damacsan tahay oo ay ka helayso malyuumaadka doolar ee ay leedahay waa gelinayaa Laasqoray, markaa Reer Laas Qoray waxa ka bixi doona shakiga hadda ku jira oo ay sababeyso caddaymaha waaweyn oo ah in ay jiraan shirkado badan oo wejiya badan isu yeela oo si joogta ah qashinka iyo sunta ugu aasa Soomaaliya. Marka laga qanciyo taa oo wax waliba sax noqdaan, Reer Maakhir si adag ayey u garab istaagi doonaan hirgelinta mashruucan. Qof kasta oo ka horyimaadana geed baa la iskaga xidhi doonaa. Wax isweydiini ma xumee wax isweydaaris baa daran. Markaa warqadani waa appeal ku socota caalamka si ay uga hortagaan in sun iyo qashin daadis ay sameeyso shirkad is qarinaysa oo ku gabaneysa deked sameyn.

Warbaahinta Caalamku, intaa aanu markabku ka tegin Laas Qoray, waa iney baadhitaan bilaabaan ay ku baadhayaan shirkada asalkeed iyo labada Giriiga ah oo sheegtay iney leeyihiin. Baadhitaankaasi wuxu si madax banaan u caddayn karaa inay jiraan meela caalamka ka tirsan oo shirkadani dekedo ka dhistay. Jiritaankaa meelahaana waxay noqonaysaa in aan nimanka hadda shirkada wata laga rumeysan ee si madax banaan loo xaqiijiyo. Waxaa kaloo muhiimo in khubaro la helo  si madax banaan u caddaysa waxa markabku sido, iyadoo aan run loo qaadanaynaa waxa ay sheeganayaan kuwa wadaa.

Ugu dambeytii, waa in madaxda Dawlada TFG iyo madaxda Maamulka Puntland ogaadaan in eedayn ama dacwada lagu soo oogi karo mustaqbalka, sida hadda haysata Cali Mahdi iyo rag la mida, haddii ay dhacdo in shirkad aan la aqoon ay u saxiixaan waraaqo iyagoo u ogalaanaya in ay waxay doonto ka sameyso biyaha Maakhir ka dibna sun ku aasto.


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