Somalia: French and British Citizens Under Investigation in Puntland 
18 November 2013 
Puntland security agencies have detained two foreigners in an ongoing investigation into Oversight International, a shady organization that registered in Puntland as a Local NGO in March 2013. 
The two foreigners – French national Quentin Ygorra and British national Alasdair Walton – were arrested in Garowe on November 14, by Puntland security agencies following a three-month investigation into Oversight International, its foreign and local staff. Two local staff members were also arrested. 
A search of the organization's office in Garowe revealed that Oversight International was illegally collecting classified information about public institutions and private sector in Puntland. The organization was also sharing the classified information with 
foreign entities. In addition, Oversight International engaged in the illegal activity of collecting mineral samples without permission of Puntland Government. 
Puntland Government is strongly committed to defending the State's security, political stability, economic progress and the rule of law. 

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