Somalia and Turkey

Poor Somalis!!! They are neither full Africans nor full Arabs. But finally the step-child of Africa found a real Turk brothers who are probably neither full Asians nor Europeans. Somalis, just like Brazil of today, are made up from people of African, Asians and Arab origins who settled in the Horn of Africa thousands of years ago. Now they are all ethnically Somalis united by Somali language.

Here we see a Somali lady in Mogadishu, using the Turkish flag as her dress, leading a parade in Mogadishu

Turkey Thank you Somalia Somali Flag and Turkey Flag

Dhegayso ama daawo heestii "Taariikh Lama Ilaawaana Turkigaa Inoo Galay" (Somalis will never ever forget Turkey and its people for standing with them. Ahmed Naji also added some Turkish words in this great song about Turkey's Somalia support.) Heesta waxa ku luuqaynaya Abwaan Axmed Naaji Sacad.

Thank You Turkey Somalia 1

Turkey Somalia Amin Amir Arts Suport for Somali People



Turkey and Somalia flag by Amin Amir Arts showing the suport of the Somali people by Turkey


The Somali team in this video, waving and dressed up both Somali and Turkey flags, are thanking in this song to Turkish people and government for supporting Somalia.

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