Press release: Jubbaland Diaspora Council condemns Prime Minister Saacid’s stand on Jubbaland State conference

Press release: Jubbaland Diaspora Council condemns Prime Minister Saacid’s stand on Jubbaland State conference.

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The Jubbaland Diaspora Council of North America in their weekly conference released condemnation statement to the Press  rebuking Prime Minister Saaid Shirdon’s recent remarks towards Jubbaland Conference which commenced on February 28, 2013 at the region’s State Capital, Kismayo. JDC disagrees with the PM for his feeble and undermining message which intended to create divisions and mistrust among the conference participants. Such a provocation and polarization approach will only add burden to Somalia’s Federal Government’s grave mistakes and poor leadership. It is a breach of Somalia’s newly adapted Federal Constitution. This leads to the negation of the country’s legal existence as a sovereign nation. It could be an apparent sabotage to the process of lifting up Somalia from the chaotic situation it have been undergoing for the last 2 decades.

Prime Minister Saaid’s weak compounding prescription to referencing Hiiraan and Bay regions as models of success has attracted a lot of criticism: “The government’s constitutional mandate is to establish federated states and a federal state as the end of its goals. This nation-building process is already underway. We have started this approach to establish local administrations, the foundating stones of a federal state, in newly recovered areas such as Ba y/Bakol/LOwer Shabelle and Hiiraan/Middle Shabelle with Galgadud plus two districts from Mudug and we expect the same will apply to Jubbaland. As clearly stated in one of his press conferences, the Prime Minister explained that the government will only be a facilitator. That was what the Provisional Constitution of Somalia obligates. But, his last position is a naive one.

The PM added fuel to the burning fire when he used his boss’s words, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. One month after he was selected to the presidency, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud made a historic visit to Hiiraan and Bay regions in which he was quoted as saying, “…Oh! Hiiraan and Bay regions, I urge you to form a united front; I would welcome your recommendations to whom you would like me to pick for the premier job. I would encourage you to form the regional administrations you may wish”. After he returned to Mogadishu, the President was questioned whether the Jubbaland State could constitute an administration similar to the one he offered to his favorite regions. The president was very angry and responded, “…it’s too premature to talk about Jubbaland regional administration. My government has plans to setting up temporary authority to administer the region,” Said Mohamud.

Regrettably, both men came to power through federally mandated process preceded by an agreed ‘Road Map’ Charter. Before we had known President Mohamud and his PM Saaid Shirdon, the government of former President Sheikh Sharif and PM Abdiweli paved the way for the Road-map process including draft constitution ratified later by 275 selected constituent assembly that elected the current Somalia’s Parliament and president. Without that process backed by the International Community, IGAD, AU and neighboring countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti, etc), it would have been very rare if not impossible for President Hassan and his PM to come to power.

In contrary, the leaders of the Jubbaland Conferece have been very optimistic by inviting the President and Prime Minister to join the conference and guide the process. Since the inception of the conference, it never missed the opportunity to be inclusive and open. In fact, the Transitional Leader of Jubbaland His Excellence Ahmed Mohamed Islan (Ahmed Madobe) who was the commander of Native Libration Army liberated most of Lower Jubba with the help of AMISOM -Kenyan Defense Forces and Somali Government Troops– from the grip of the Alqaida affiliated Al-Shabaab and transferred Kismayo City and its administration to an all inclusive Committee. That was crucial step and a decisive mild-stone to the future success of the ongoing conference. Before he resigned from his position, Mr. Islan reminded delegates from the different counties of Jubbaland that every community in the Jubbaland Regions: Gedo, Lower Jubba and Middle Jubba is represented. He urged the committee in charge of the conference’s registration process to be inclusive and welcome to the process of establishing Jubbaland State of Somalia.

The JDC of North America stands with the conference leaders and the people of the above mentioned regions to establish the long expected Jubbaland State of Somalia once and for all. We condemn the Prime Minister’s poor judgement and his unquestionable allegiance to his boss Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. We would like to remind PM Saaid Shirdoon that the current government which he leads has predefined powers between the president and the PM. The PM unfortunately failed to upheld the Somalia’s National Constitution and continues to perform protracted clan policy spearheaded by none, but old Mogadishu clan loyalists and President Hassan’s hardliner Damjadiid gangs. A recall petition to impeach PM Said Shirdon has been initiated by Jubband citizens in response to PM’s distasteful statement.

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