Puntland President and UNODC Chief Inaugurate New Govt Facilities

Somalia: Puntland President and UNODC Chief Inaugurate New Govt Facilities


PRESS RELEASE19 November 2012

The President of Puntland State of Somalia H.E. AbdirahmanMohamed Mohamud (Farole) accompanied by the Vice President and senior Puntland officials and a visiting delegation from the United Nations and European Union jointly opened new government facilities in the state capital, Garowe.

Puntland Vice President H.E. Abdisamad Ali Shire and Puntland Cabinet ministers welcomed the high-profile delegation at Garowe Airport. The visiting delegation was led by U.N. Under Secretary General  who is also UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Executive Director  H.E. Yury Fedetov and included the  Finland
Ambassador to Kenya H.E. Sofia From-Emmesberger and U.K. Deputy Ambassador to Somalia H.E. Fionna Gibb.

The day’s events began at the new building for the Puntland Corrections Academyand Headquarters. Units of the Puntland Custodian Corps saluted President Farole before the Puntland leadership and the visiting delegation  began touring the new facility.

Activities included laying the foundation rock for the new Garowe Prison by President Farole, UNODC chief Mr. Fedetov, and Ambassadors and representatives from Donor Countries, including Finland, the U.K., Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, and visits to the facility’s offices, staff accommodation and classrooms.

President Farole and Mr. Fedetov jointly cut the rope to officially inaugurate the new Corrections Academy and Headquarters.
After a VIP lunch, the Puntland leadership and the delegation toured the new building of the Puntland Ministry of Justice and Rehabilitation, which was jointly inaugurated by President Farole and Mr. Fedetov, followed by a joint press conference at the new Ministry building regarding the day’s events.

President Farole expressed his appreciation and commendation to the Donor Countries and UNODC for undertaking this big project and Mr. Fedetov thanked the Puntland Government for its commitment to work and cooperation.

Puntland Government has  encouraged foreign assistance to build and improvegovernment institutions and the security sector, as Puntland Government continues institution-building process and policy reforms.
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