Who is behind the targetted killings in Somalia?

Somalia is now being turned into Kenyan-Ethiopian coalition colony although a nominal Somali government, having even less power than 1950 Somalia Trusteeship Administration, is installed in Mogadishu. The destiny of Somalia is completely being shaped by these two nations with the blessing and support of AMISOM troops filled with high ranking Ethiopian military and intelligence officials, working for AMISOM both as military and civilian staff, determined to see Somalia slowly disappear from the map of the world.

Somalis are going through over a quarter century of suffering and destruction because of their two arch-enemy neighbors constantly arming different Somali factions, supporting warlords, arming one clan against another and at the same time hijacking the peace making process under IGAD mandate. Now the game they are playing in Somalia is no longer in the form of arming warlords and factions but molding the future of the Somali nation for a manner that will guarantee their destructive interest. The only interest of these two nations is to always prevent the restoration of even a nominal Somali state and work toward uprooting any system or symbol making Somalis easy to form a semi-viable functioning Somali state.

Ethiopian and Kenyan troops are carving for themselves a large portion of Somali territories, such as Bay region for Ethiopia and Jubba ( such as Kismao) area for Kenya, under the protection of AMISOM and the complete violation of international law; the future of the Somali nation is now much worse than during the peak 1990s civil war. If the situation continues in this way, there probably will never be a Somali nation again.

Even if any kind of Somali nation is created for some Somalis in some Somali soil, Ethiopia would still want to own it in indirect way by completely shaping and controlling any kind of future Somali defense forces by now selecting, recruiting and adding thousands of Somalized Ethiopians (most of them Somalized non-Somali ethnic Ethiopians) to the Somali defense forces.

The Somali government, unaware of who recruited and selected the so-called "Somali troops" trained by Ethiopians, is completely powerless to refuse the acceptance of the hundreds and sometimes thousands, as it happened on Nov 4 2012 in Baidoba, of Ethiopian trained and recruited troops forming the future of the Somali defense forces. From 2008, Ethiopia and Kenya were formally dumping mercenary armies and spies, specifically formed and trained to keep destabilizing Somalia from inside, who are now officially a part of so-called the Somali National Army. No wonder the sophisticated targeted killings in Somalia, mostly taking place in front of the mosques in Mogadishu, keep increasing despite the nominal Somali government in there.

etopian troobs

Ethiopian Soldier standing side by side with AMISOM(previously called IGADSOM created through Ethiopia's initiative and plan) in Muqdisho.

Somali's first highly sophisticated assassination carried by snipers, no doubt planned and implemented by highly trained intelligence group, was the killing of Mohamed Farah Aideed on August 2, 1996. Right after Aideed was shot, the media started putting it as a work of inter-clan rivarly. From that day up to now, the snipers-squad keep shooting, one by one, the former Somali military officials, including even retired octogerian men.

From that time, Somalia has been a land completely controlled by highly trained snipers constantly terrorizing its citizens by forcing Muslim Somalis not to dare to go the mosques for night prayers because of the snipers routinely carrying out their killing against innocent men coming out from mosques.

It is worth mentioning the killing of Somalia's top general, General Tallan,  a Somali-Canadian who returned to his homeland to rebuild Somali national forces, in Mogadishu in 2000. Now the snipers almost target everybody including Somali professionals, officers, reporters, businessmen, foreign journalists, aid workers,  etc.

By just looking at how many Somali military officers were shot by the snipers before the era of Alshabab terrorists, one may wonder if the current frequent assassinations taking place in Somalia is far beyond what Alshabab terrorists are capable of doing. Since Alshabab terrorists didn't even exist from 2000 to 2008, who had been carrying out the assassinations of the thousands of the former Somali military officers and professionals then ? Were there highly trained Alshabab sniper terrorists assassinating Somali officers from 2000 to 2008? Who? Think about it.

Here are the ranks, names, locations and dates of very few Somali military officers shot by the sharp shooters gang currently terrorizing Somalis in Muqdisho, Beletweyn, Kismao, Bosaso, Garowe, Galkayo.


General Yuusuf Ahmed Talan , Muqdisho, 18 Oct 2000.

Colonel Abdulahi Mohamed Warsame “Nero”, Muqdisho, April 2003.

Captain Mohamed Adan, Muqdisho, April 2003.

Colonel Mohamed Ismail “Gure”, Muqdisho, 14 Aug 2004.

Colonel Ismail Haji Osman,Muqdisho, 14 Aug 2004.

General Maxamed Cabdi Maxamed, Muqdisho, 11 Sep 2004.

Colonel Ahmed Ugaas “Foodey”, Muqdisho, Oct 30, 2004.

Colonel Maxamuud Abdinuur Aadan “Bataar”, Muqdisho, 26 Oct 2004.

General Yusuf Ahmed Sarinle, Muqdisho, 23 Jan 2005.

Colonel Xirsi Maxamuud Cumar ”Xirsi Dhoore”, Muqdisho, 31 Jan 2005.

Colonel Cabdullaahi Kaahiye Cali, Muqdisho, 07 March 2005.

Colonel Maxamed Saciid Maxamed, Muqdisho, 21 May 2005.

Colonel Max’ed Cusmaan Coon, Muqdisho, 31 July 2005.

Colonel maxamed xasan maxamuud “Cadaawe”, Muqdisho, 21 Jan 2006

Colonel Abuukar Maxamed Xusen (Abukar Dheere), Muqdisho, 16 March 2006.
Colonel Yaasiin Cilmi (Dhuuxweyn), Muqdisho,  

General Axmed Jilicow Caddow, Muqdisho, October 5, 2007.

Colonel Maxamed Maxamuud Sheekh, Muqdisho, May 30, 2007.

Colonel Faarax Cabdulle Siyaad (Garam-Garam), Muqdisho, 31 December 2007.

General Abdi Kahiye (Harag Shabeel), Muqdisho, 25 February 2008.

...and many countless members of former Somali forces, businessmen, peace activists, journalists, elders, professionals, university professors, law-makers, medical doctors, aid workers, law-makers, poets, singers, dramatists, etc. Let us hope there will be objective and full investigation collecting, analyzing, and investigating these unstoppable targeted killings in Somalia.


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